2012 Travel: Where Would It Be?

I love to travel — and what kind of person doesn’t?

I am hoping that this year, our family would be able to board on a plane again for a getaway just like what we did last year. Looking at airline sites really make me wish we could book a flight again, but I have to seriously consider the costs. Oh, well… the year is just starting, right? So much could still happen so I guess it’s not wrong to get excited! Wishes come for free so I think that taking my family to a vacation outside the country would be a good goal for me this year.

In our culture, there are many things to spend on especially when you go outside the country—aside from the fare, hotel and food expenses, one has to think of buying some souvenirs to give to close friends back home. I am sure they would be happy to have some cohiba cigars dominican.

Of course it would be great to bring home some chips or some famous delicacies from the place we have visited! I guess that’s still a long way off, so meantime, it’s time to work hard to make this dream come true.

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