3 Steps to Better Indoor Air

Indoor air quality can greatly impact your overall health and well being. A home with poor air quality will cause you to feel sluggish and increase the frequencies of nausea, headaches and various other allergy related symptoms. Fortunately, we have complied the top three secrets that help improve your homes indoor air quality.

Regularly Clean the Home
Keeping on top of the housework not only eliminates clutter and makes your home look better, but it also keeps your home smelling better and even reduces the amount of microscopic indoor pollutants that comprises the quality of your air. Unfortunately, improper cleaning technique and popular commercial cleaning products will cause more harm than good. If, however, you follow the tips below, you will keep your home looking pristine without introducing unnecessary contaminates into your home.

• Vacuum, at the very least, every other day using a good vacuum cleaner that features a HEPA filter.
• Avoid feather dusters and instead dust with a damp cloth. Work from the highest point, making your way down to the latest point.
• Forgo chemical cleaners that contain harsh ingredients, and use organic, safe cleaning items that don’t leave dangerous fumes and residue behind.

Remove Unnecessary Toxins
Removing as much toxins from your home as possible is a wonderful way to keep your indoor air healthier. Unfortunately, toxins are all too common in our daily lives and can range from perfume to pesticides. If, however, you can make an effort to reduce the amount of these dangerous products from your home, you will improve your indoor air and take a step to a healthier home life.

• Don’t smoke cigars or cigarettes indoor.
• Use unscented shampoos, lotions, soaps and deodorants.
• Avoid using aerosol products indoors.
• Use oxygen bleach as a substitute for dangerous chlorine bleach.

Utilize Products Designed to Improve Air Quality
There are several items on the market designed to remove impurities from your indoor air and alert you when there is a high level of potentially deadly toxins in your home. Installing these items will go a long way in keeping your home safe.

• Install radon and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. These detectors should be placed in various locations on every floor of your home. The ideal location is near every bedroom door.
• Install an air purifier to remove particles – like mold spores, dust, odor and dander – from the indoor air.

These 3 secrets will start you on the path of a cleaner, fresher and healthier home. For a more comprehensive look at how your home stacks up, consider an air quality testing Tampa completed by a trusted HVAC company.

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