3 Tips for Practicing Espionage

Everyone has wanted to be a spy at some point. While the romantic image of someone bravely fighting against megalomaniacal old men with cats in their laps might be fun, the actual occupation of spying is a lot less action and a lot more skulking around. Still, it's quite fun and intriguing. Whether you'd like to learn some skills for practicality or just to know, here are three tips for practicing espionage that can help you in blending in and gathering information.

1. Be Confident

No matter what happens, don't break character. That's usually a line reserved for theme park mascots, but it's equally useful advice for a spy. You'd be amazed at just how much you can do if you simply act like you're supposed to be somewhere. Even without anything resembling a disguise, simply walking into a place with confidence can do wonders.

2. Don't Draw Attention

Confidence might be key, but it won't really matter if you constantly draw attention to yourself. In general, try to avoid talking to people directly if you're somewhere, as every interaction gives them a chance to see through the disguise. Additionally, try not to dress too uniquely as you don't want to leave an impression on the people you're tailing or those who might see you doing it.

3. Gadgets

While exploding ink pens or laser watches aren't really feasible, having a number of small "gadgets" or items on you can help you be a more authentic investigator and provide a number of useful tools in the field. A pen and paper for taking notes, undercover clothes for surreptitiously hiding things on your person, a USB drive for storing data, bugs for recording conversations, etc. While certain things are likely not advisable given the trouble you'd get in if you were caught, these are just a couple of options to consider.

If you're thinking of taking your dream of being a spy to the next level for one reason or another, try to remember these three espionage tips to help you out.

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