4 Common Problems Around the House

It’s leaking. It’s squeaking. It’s emitting funny smells. There are many ways for household appliances to turn against you, but the good news is that knowing your stuff is half of the battle. Here are just a few common problems around the house and what you can do about them.

1. Dirty Filters

This is one of the most common problems with a home heating unit. If your filters are dusty, grimy or clogged with debris, your furnace will have to work twice as hard to provide the same amount of heat. If it works too hard, you run the risk of blowing out your heat exchanger entirely. Make sure that you’re cleaning or replacing your filters at least once a year. If the problem persists, call in an expert.

2. Leaky Faucets

There’s nothing like the tap-tap-tap of a leaky faucet to keep you awake at night. It might be a problem with the pipes, or it could be something as simple as a faucet aerator that’s started to wear down. You probably won’t want to DIY this unless you have experience in plumbing; kitchen and bathroom repair can get quite expensive when it goes wrong. Call a professional instead.

3. Questionable Refrigerator

Is the light permanently off? Is the milk always room temperature? Your refrigerator might be one of the most valuable appliances in your kitchen, but it’s also one of the most temperamental. If you suspect that something’s wrong with your fridge, don’t hesitate. Call a repairman to fix it before all of your food expires. You don’t want to regret not taking action while you had the chance!

4. Broken Thermostat

Are you freezing inside your house even though your furnace appears to be working perfectly? The problem might not be the furnace at all. Like anything else, thermostats can wear down over time, and they’re also vulnerable to things like dust and dead batteries. Before you start making expensive repairs to your HVAC system, make sure that your thermostat isn’t on the fritz. It could be a simple solution for a big problem.

These are just a few things that can go wrong around the house. If you need help with fixing them, consider contacting a company like Sub Zero Refrigeration Repair Indian Creek. They can help you get everything sorted so that your family can live, work and play in peace.

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