A Beauty Treatment for Me

When was the last time I got pampered at a spa? I would do anything just to get a beauty make over again… and just to lie there getting all beautified. Sigh, I wish. But really, if I have to think about it, I really don’t have to spend that much to get pampered. I could actually make my own salt scrubs! I could exfoliate my skin at home – minus the hundreds of bucks that I have to pay the spa.

I guess I have to find time to make that scrub one of these days—mind you; I can get the same beauty treatment right here in my house, practically for free! Whoever said a stay-at –home mom like me doesn’t have the right to a beauty treatment?

4 thoughts on “A Beauty Treatment for Me

  1. looking forward for this ^.^ mee too needs a beauty treatment but i don’t have extra budget to do for it and i guess time.. kapagod pala maging working mama 🙁
    but i love being a mama

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