A Canvas for Beauty

To be beautiful is nothing new for people to desire. All the way back to ancient times, history is full of characters known for their beauty, such as Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Adonis, and Narcissus. While servants were responsible for ensuring their wealthy employers “put their best face forward” during this time period, today we have skilled, trained technicians to help us look our best.

Esthetics Stimulates the Glow

Cosmetology schools for hairdressers and nail technicians are common knowledge; however, esthetics is a growing field for promoting vibrant good looks. Esthetics focuses on the skin and techniques to beautify it.

Certification and Licensing

Almost all states require estheticians to earn a certificate or license for employment. Training hours and determined curriculum vary widely depending on the state where an esthetician plans to practice. Some states have reciprocal policies in place to accept licensing earned in other states; therefore, potential candidates should look for a school that provides a top-notch education. For personal satisfaction, as well as marketability, candidates should seek strong training and skills that result in qualifications worthy of working with clients in elite salons or loftier goals like doing photo shoots or even for clients on runways.

Procedures for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Two areas an esthetician will study in esthetics school include techniques specific to the face and also the rest of the body. For facial procedures, practice will be done in such areas as facials, removing unwanted facial hair, shaping eyebrows, facial massages, microdermabrasion, and exfoliation. The rest of the body includes procedures, such as massage, body wraps, and other luxury spa elements. Estheticians may also recommend particular skin care regiments to their clients for maintaining their healthy, beautiful skin at home.

Gorgeous, healthy skin is the canvas estheticians provide on which cosmetologists and make-up artists use to work their magic. Truly beautiful skin can be encouraged and nudged from what may not look optimal by a skilled technician. Estheticians’ training helps students learn the methods and actions to use on skin for it to work cooperatively with other beauty enhancements, not against them. Furthermore, an esthetician’s education could just possibly lead to skin that stands alone in the world of beauty.

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