A Cooler House

Now that the weather is a lot cooler, I expect that our electric bill would not be that high compared to last summer’s where it was so hot and humid. Sometimes it got so hot that even the electric fans would not suffice, we had to turn on the air conditioner all the time. We are really looking for ways to somehow lessen our a/c usage even when it becomes so hot. Maybe we should have one of those hampton bay ceiling fans! I’m sure it would look so fancy in our house— aside from giving our abode a “hotel” feel, it would also do a good job at making our house a cooler.

7 thoughts on “A Cooler House

  1. We had a really neat fan that cooled and heated the house. And very sleek. I can’t remember the name right now but I will let you know when it comes back to me 🙂

  2. when i was still there, every time i said cooler, my bf hubbys today would react that i have no clue what’s cold means hehe and indeed, 10x ang cold intawn sa cooler nga ma feel natu during “ber” time

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