A Financially Challenging Week Ahead

As I write this post, it’s already 12mn here. That means today is already Monday, a start of another challenging week. Later this afternoon will be my son’s first day of school which also means that the teachers will be now requiring the parents to buy the assigned textbooks. And aside from that, this week will also be the week wherein our electricity bill will be due and so as one of the credit cards that I am working out to close. So definitely, this week will be financially challenging again for me.

I am so depressed because we already ran out of payday loans to avail because my husband already got one last month. Though we have a meager reserved fund for the baby, I can’t touch it because my husband will get angry. He already told me not to touch it because we might need it anytime since I am already approaching my last trimester. Besides, I don’t want to cause another marital feud between the two of us just because of our finances. I want to respect his decision on that.

Anyway, I am expecting funds to arrive from my online work. Sadly, the money will not arrive within the week but on the next coming weeks. They can’t reach me on time to pay for the books and the bills this week. Luckily, a friend of mind offered to help. She said that maybe she can lend me a few pesos to settle some of our obligations. I will just pay her back when my funds arrive. I didn’t said yes to her offer yet but maybe I will ask her about it later today if the help is still open. Wish me the best!!

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