A Pink Soccer Trophy Perhaps?

I think youth soccer trophies must also come in pink, won’t you agree? Since gone are the days when soccer is only played by little boys accompanied by their ever supportive soccer moms, and because more girls are also showing interest in this very physical sport, I guess it is high time they cater to both genders and start giving out soccer trophies in pink!

My children and I have not yet decided on which summer activities for them to participate this year. I am keeping my options open and considering a variety of activities that will keep my children not just occupied, but entertained and learning at the same time. My son has not yet shown a particular interest in soccer and neither have my girls. But when it comes to it, soccer is really such a great sport and will be such a good training for children in character building, as well as a perfect way for them to keep moving all summer.

It might be too far off to be thinking about pink soccer trophies, but who knows. One of these days, one of my girls might just ask me if she can enroll in a soccer lesson this summer. I know I will be more than happy to oblige.

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