Actos: Proven to Cause Bladder Cancer

Actos is one drug that has been in the market for the last 12 years. Doctors have prescribed it for patients who have type II diabetes. Since diabetes is one disease that definitely needs treatment, people who suffer from the disease would just likely follow the doctor’s prescription without raising questions.

However studies show that patients who have taken Actos are most likely to incur another ailment, which happen to be bladder cancer. Definitely, manufacturers of this drug are to be blamed! Victims of this negligence should know where to get help and should be aware of their rights as victims of this failure.

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2 thoughts on “Actos: Proven to Cause Bladder Cancer

  1. Oh this is really scary! The drugs that we’re supposed to trust to cure our ailments are causing further troubles. FDA should not approve such drugs for release without complete studies especially on the toxicity part. A lesson hardly learned. My thoughts for the affected ones.

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