Addicted to Dramas

Since September of last year, I started watching Korean and Japanese dramas. After watching a few, I got hooked on it. I ended up watching one after another without a break. And if ever I took a break, it would only be a day or less than 24 hours and there I am back again. Hehehe…

Anyway, I am watching Rooftop Prince right now. I have heard about this Korean drama last year but I didn’t watch it all the way because I felt no excitement in the first few minutes of Episode 1. Now, I am addicted to it after giving it another chance.

A few hours ago, there was a scene where the heroin of the drama was wearing riding breeches because she boasted that horseback riding was easier than driving a car. It was one of the cute scenes wherein they compare the modern day Korea (south) to Joseon Era. I like it when Korean dramas have time travels from modern day to their historic days. I also love historical dramas especially those with romantic comedy themes.

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