Another Birthday Memory

This is my forth entry at Yummy Sunday and believe me it's getting yummier every week! This photo was taken from my daugther's birthday earlier this year. We went to a mountain resort. The four of us celebrated it over the weekend. It was very memorable.

By the way, I also have launched a weekly meme. My friend Janet of Yummy Sunday was very supportive when I was planning for a weekly meme here at Pink Thoughts. Anyway, if you love pink or have taken any pictures that has a majority of pink in it, join us here at Pink Fridays. It would be another great avenue to meet new friends and showcase your talents. If interested, please visit this page on more detailed instructions on how to play Pink Fridays.

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  1. The Rice Addict

    Thanks so much for visiting mine! Gosh, now I crave for these food. It is so Filipino. Love your post!

  2. yummy sunday

    wow. those are great food combination! i would love to try the inihaw na bangus (is that it?) and sinigang? and grilled chicken? oh my… so mouth watering!

  3. Norm

    wow! complete foods, all are delicious, love to eat…

  4. Norm

    ohhhh my gosh!!! all the foods are Filipino recipe, so yummy…

  5. Melissa

    Wow, what a wonderful yummy birthday treat.

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