Another Wish this Year

Working abroad has been one of the things I have been considering lately. Having three children, the thought of their growing needs each day and the future worries me. So, as a mom, I always thought of going out and work. But since I have stopped working for almost three years now and my last educational attainment was around 11 years ago, I also thought that maybe I check out some online degree programs. The need to upgrade my knowledge and skills is a must if I need to be internationally competent to work again. I was eying on special education program because my cousin said it is an in-demand profession abroad.

Anyway, my husband is also planning to go abroad. He has stopped working this year and plans to find work somewhere in the Middle East. Hopefully if he gets one, I don’t need to work. I will continue to be a stay at home mom! So my wish this year, may he find work!

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