Antwerp Fashion

Despite the tough times all over the world, the Antwerp Fashion industry does not seem to feel it. Designers continue to come up with creations that eccentric and esoteric yet are really expensive. But people continue to go to Antwerp in Belgium just to seek these creations because it is fast becoming a fashion capital.

Most fashion Antwerp schools produce the most talented young designers in the world because it seems that the environment is truly conducive for creative thinking. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts is located here and they produce the most creative, free-spirited, and uncontained artistic geniuses in fashion. When you travel here, you will see many shops with high fashion merchandise that are really top of the line. And they produce good quality products, too. Their craftsmanship is truly superb and the products are worth every penny spent on them.

When you are in Belgium, take a side trip to nearby Spain and sample the food in valencia. These are two stops that you should not miss when you happen to plan a trip to Europe. Food and fashion always go hand in hand in this continent so you should never miss a sampling of their offerings.

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