Ashamed with My Scars

Basically, every woman wants to look good and feel good. And I am one of those undoubtedly! But since I have many visible dark scars on my legs, I couldn’t wear the dress I felt like wearing. I felt ashamed of my scars and somehow hoped that I could afford a microdermabrasion treatment. So I end up wearing pants all the time since I could no longer wear a skirt or even a dress because of such embarrassment.

Anyway, my husband told me it’s not a problem actually. He said the problem was the guts to wear it. He said I shouldn’t be mindful what other people would say and just wear the things I want. Well, easy for him to say but hard for me to do.

Oh well, I guess I should stop thinking of wearing other dress or else I would end up hoping for impossible things. Don’t you think?

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