Bad Influence

I have seen on cable that many Americans are wrestling fans. Even children watch them, if not live, at least on TV.

Although wrestling is a good sport, the portrayal on TV does not pose a good influence to young kids. Players use foul language and they promote so much hatred and betrayal.

And the sad part is, many people think that the situations are true. What they do not know is, everything that happens in wrestling shows is scripted. So if you put your heart into it, then you are merely taken for a ride like you are just watching a soap.


  1. Green Dei/Daryll

    that's why I stopped watching WWF or smackdown years ago, I suggest UFC, they are license fighter, promotes camaraderie among fighters, they practice game discipline. Minus the thrash talk WWF was known for.

  2. tejan

    hehhe..we enjoy watching it in the tv..good that it shows here late at night when children already sleeping:)

  3. clavs

    yah! I hate to watch that show actually…

  4. Yannie

    I agree with you. But my father loves watching wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts. My mother get irritated sometimes. hehehe

  5. shydub

    we are not a wrestling fans and viewers though. but i remembered when i was little my father love to watch that kind of sport.

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