Bags on a Roll for My Friend

I have been sitting here all morning trying to help my friend with her predicament. You see, she has plans to start a business but although most of the stuff related to it is already ironed out, she still needs to find a suitable supplier of bags on a roll. She already has a supplier for the bagging machine but unfortunately, they would only provide the initial roll of packaging bags. So she still needs to find a supplier for her succeeding needs.

I’ve been trying to look for a supplier of auto bags but somehow, I don’t have a basis to know if the price they would quote for me is right. I would still need to confirm with my friend what the size of her bagging machine is so I’ll know which size of roll would be most appropriate. That way, I can compare the prices for a certain roll size from different suppliers of packaging bags.

I actually don’t have any interests in my friend’s business. I’m not an investor or anything. I’m just trying to do a favor for a friend because I know that should I need to ask a favor from her, she wouldn’t say no to me.

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