Being Fit and Healthy is Not About Being Vain

We all know that the Hollywood standard of beauty is skinny. If you are full-figured, sometimes you are considered unappealing. Well, for me, whatever the weighing scale tells you, it doesn’t matter because beauty in reality is skin deep. But aiming to lose weight is not bad too. Being fit and healthy is not only aimed to please others but also for our own sake and for those we love. If we are fit and healthy, we can live long and happy lives.

So the next time you are being offered to avail an hcg weight loss program, don’t feel guilty. Being fit and healthy is not vanity at all, it is caring for our own and those whom we want to be with for a long time!

6 thoughts on “Being Fit and Healthy is Not About Being Vain

  1. eee.. nice info;)

    by the way sis.. thanks for following my gfc… I’ve been already a follower here since birth…ahhehe, bitaw, Im the 2nd and 3rd follower.. hehhe 2 accts;) mwaah!

  2. i agree, beauty is from within but we need to lose weight too. thanks for following me mommy. i thought i followed you long time ago but i followed you too.

  3. I am agree,To make your body fit and healthy is not a bad thing.After all its a matter of your life and the peoples who want to be with you for a long time.Beauty is not all the for you but also the well working of your body..And looking beautiful is your birthright so why shouldn’t we look beautiful..

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