Belt Tightening

In these really difficult times, we all need to tighten our belts one way or the other. We have to cut back some expenses in order to cope with the financial crises. We do not stop living but we just have to find ways and means to survive.

Aside from earning some more, we also have to decrease our expenses. If we used to eat out once a week and go to the movies once a month, maybe we should eat home and just have a family treat once a month. The movies can be reduced to watching DVDs at home. Buying a DVD is cheaper than bringing the whole family to the theater. These are just some cost cutting measures that we can do in order to make our paychecks run longer.

But the purse strings are the only ones that need tightening. I really need to tighten my literal belt just so I can fit. I have been talking buying the best diet pills but honestly, I have not really bought anything yet. I have been fat for so long now that I need to do something about it before I will be really having problems about my weight. Gee, eating is so much easier to do!

3 thoughts on “Belt Tightening

  1. Yup, kahit pa siguro may extra money we still have to tighten our belt for coming expenses, hindi na ako maka hinga minsa sa sobrang higpit hwhwhw

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