Benefits of Sunshine to Our Body

Most of us can recall our parents or some other older person encouraging us to get outside and get some sunshine. As children, we got the message. Sunshine was supposed to be good for our health. However, few of us knew exactly why sunshine was and is such a vital part of good health on so many different levels. Obviously, the benefits derived from the sunshine are many. In fact, you may be surprised at how much the sun can benefit your health.

Keeps Bones & Teeth Healthy
Vitamin D is actually a prohormone because the body can produce the vitamin by itself with the assistance of sunlight. As little as 5-10 minutes, a few times a week can produce enough vitamin D to keep the body healthy. Vitamin D supports bone health and oral health by allowing the body to use this vital vitamin to strengthen bones and teeth. Most of us can make this vital vitamin just by getting a little sun exposure. Who knows, it may even help with building a strong enough core to wear concealment holsters.

Regulates Insulin Reducing the Risk for Diabetes
Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to impaired insulin secretion as well as glucose. A study that involved infants proved this point. Infants that were given 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily lowered their risk of developing type 1 diabetes by the age of 32 by 88 percent.

Prevents Cancer
Vitamin D also plays an essential role in cellular communication and it regulates cell growth. Calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D and is responsible for reducing the growth of cancerous cells. It does this by slowing the growth of new blood vessels in the cancerous tissue. Vitamin D is so powerful that it affects over 200 genes. This provides undeniable proof that when vitamin D levels are insufficient the body doesn’t function optimally.

Vitamin D, or more fondly called the sunshine vitamin, is responsible for a number of essential bodily functions and processes. Primarily, it helps us to maintain healthy bones and teeth. However, it does a whole lot of other things too. It helps to regulate insulin and can slow the growth of cancerous cells. Clearly, the benefits are many. Get outside and get some vitamin

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