Best Rooms to Remodel Before Selling a Home

Whether you’re moving for a new job or change of view, selling a home takes some effort when you want top dollar. The home may be somewhat dated with few renovations in the past several years. Before you put the property on the market, consider the best spaces to renovate so that you can see a solid bidding war.


The most common room to renovate continues to be the kitchen. A reputable, kitchen remodeling contractor can offer suggests on specific updates. Countertops, cabinet doors, and sinks are typical items to replace for a current appearance. You might add an island or dual-oven system too. The remodeling concept should be a partnership between you and the contractor so that the final result is your dream kitchen. Simply be aware of items that may not need any replacement, including cabinet knobs, because of their timeless design.


The attic is often a forgotten area that has a lot of promise. This space can be easily renovated with new flooring, insulation, paint and drywall. Create an extra bedroom, office or recreation area in the attic. When potential buyers walk through the home, they’ll remember the renovated attic as extra square footage that makes a difference. Make sure that the contractors add central air to the attic so that it’s always comfortable in the winter or summer.

Master Bath

If your master bathroom only has one sink and a cramped shower, it’s time to renovate the space. The shower might be divided between a spa bath and a huge shower area with glass walls. Two sinks will support a couple of the house with new countertops and flooring as mandatory changes.

Living Room

Your living room may have a 1970s appearance, but that vintage style doesn’t work well for today’s buyers. Consider a simple, living room remodel where you add electronic features. Update the electrical sockets to house USB ports while painting the walls an attractive color. The entire floor might be pulled up, and contractors can knock down a wall that just creates shadows in the space. As a result, your living room can be the star of the open house.

Be aware of the budget for your renovations too. You shouldn’t spend too much money before a sale because that will cut into your overall budget. A moderate investment will give you a return that pays off when selling time arrives.

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