Bizarrely Pink

I was really busy looking for something pink for Pink Fridays. And while browsing online, I could see almost all imaginable things that can be pink. I even saw a pink metal building once and if you remembered, I was able to feature it here.

Now, the problem is… what bizarrely pink I could find? I haven’t seen anything unique or even odd for that matter. Have you seen one? If you did, give me a buzz and I might feature it here. 😉


  1. vhen

    there's no linky yet? 🙂

    akala ko first nako, im about to sleep na nga eh hehehe

  2. Gene

    We should bring back Bayani Fernando to MMDA for more pink goodies. Pink street sign, pink urinals, pink buildings, pink street divider. LOL! Sadly, I didn't get the chance to take a photo of the pink urinals here. The new Marikina heads repainted everything with green and yellow.

  3. Tina

    ^ pink urinals was the best!

  4. Shydub

    I saw a pink taxi cab one time. kaya lng hindi ko na picturan agad

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