Bridging the Distance Between Continents

I am amazed at how much technology has improved. Just imagine owners of businesses are now able to have in their employ people from all across the world. They are able to oversee their employees even if they are thousands of miles away from each other by means of e-mail, video chat, instant messaging and the telephone.

In fact, even conferences can be held even if the parties that need to be present are miles apart. Conference calling has made this possible. That’s how innovative technology is nowadays. Distance between people is bridged and they are able to talk to each other as though they are within the same office even while they are in reality in different parts of the world!

I wonder what further innovations will be made in the name of technology. It seems everything has been covered already. Postal mails have been replaced by e-mails, online chatting has been replaced by video chatting and now, board meetings has been replaced by conference calling. I’m eagerly awaiting what’s going to happen next.

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