Buying Products for a Cause

Supporting a cause is easily done these days. Some charities have items for sale; the profit they gain for every product sold is used to support their cause. Though they rely on donations, they make ways so that they can also be self-sufficient. As we all know, charities and foundations need money to run and donations don’t just drop from the sky if nobody is aware of it.

Am not rich, so I could not donate big amount that is why I usually buy small items from charities and foundations to support their causes. Last year, an online shop was having a charity drive for cancer victims. If you buy a bracelet from them, a certain amount will be given. Even the shop is from the US (that means shipping is expensive for me); I still decided to buy to support the cause.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So as early as last month, I decided to look for breast cancer awareness products that I can buy in support for this month’s cause. Fortunately, I saw a pink ribbon pin being given away to those who will join their cause in breast cancer awareness, all you need to do is just pay for shipping. And that is what I did! I even added another pink bracelet.

So now, I am waiting for the items to be delivered. 😉

8 thoughts on “Buying Products for a Cause

  1. Honestly, in my 17 years of existence I just know that October is breast cancer awareness month. Now that I know, am trying my very best to help charities/foundations who have a cause about it. 🙂

  2. i soo wanted to buy something from that shop that supports breast cancer, i was just discouraged by the shipping fee, am not sure how much i need to shell out to buy a bracelet like yours, but you are right, this way, our own little way, we might be able to help this foundation further their cause. i salute you!

  3. I agree, it’s good to buy stuffs from charities and other organizations that serve noble causes. It’s good to know we’re able to help in our own little ways. The bracelet is beautiful!

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