Cash Loans

Every time I get paid from my online work, I call it payday. So from my last payday, I was really short of budget. The amount paid to me was lesser than my expenses so I have no way of providing our family’s needs. When times like these happen, I always remember the times when I was still working. I can easily apply for a cash advance loan from our company to compensate the shortage but now… since I am not employed, I am so blessed to have friends to whom I can confide and lend me loan. Most of them don’t ask interest. They just ask me to return the money on a specific time.


  1. melandriaromero

    ooh, how i wish i can have that money too. let's get the positive mantra, money, money, money!

  2. jenny

    financial thing is really something that is so hard to win if we are on a war against it…

  3. Sheilalalala

    I miss having loans na, ky since i got here wala naku tilaw ug loans hehe

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