The Safety Concern of Motorcycles

A lot of Filipinos like to use motorcycles because it offers the best in price—both in the purchase and maintenance. You see, cars are so much expensive while commuting will not only take a lot of time but can also come out expensive. However, the issue of driving a motorcycle is safety. Although it is […]

Travel Down South

I have friends who live further down south and I know that they can be reached anytime if I want to travel by land. If I get to do so, it would surely be nice if the transportations have the best trucking gps. Even if they are familiar with their routes already, there might be […]

Great Accessories for Cars

We don’t have our own car yet but of course, we do plan to buy one especially since it’s sort of hard to commute with three kids in tow. We just need to set our finances straight and then maybe we can look into the option of purchasing a car. However, this early, we’re already […]