Pink Kitchen Appliances

All of you know that I missed my post on Pink Fridays and so as the announcement of my contest winners. Aside from that, I have already posted countless apologies because of the delays. Well, I have no choice but still to say sorry. To be honest, I haven’t finished checking yet as I am […]

Pink Camcorders

Technology has its way of coping up with the latest fashion trends; they have almost every color for every gadget they release and they will make sure pinkness is always there. They pink laptops, pink mobile phones, pink iPhone, pink speakers, and more. So lately, I tried looking for another pink gadget! And look what […]

An Affordable Laptop for ME!!

In my previous post, I wanted to buy a pink flamingo laptop from Dell. Unfortunately, it’s not available here in my area. So, I decided to buy another affordable alternative laptop from Neo.The specs of Neo Basic B2180N are quite impressive for its price. It may not compare to my husband’s HP laptop but it’s […]