Going Wireless

Nowadays you could listen to your own music anytime of the day, anywhere. While on board a bus or train, you can easily turn on your MP4 and enjoy your own music. The person next to you could also enjoy his. Very convenient, right? Especially with cordless headphones, you don’t have to worry about the […]

Which Would You Choose – Authentic or Fake?

Do you remember that time when some toys made in a certain country were detected to have very high lead content? These toys were pulled out from stores because high content of lead can be harmful to kids. About a year after that, the melamine milk scare rocked the whole world and guess where it […]

Bridging the Distance Between Continents

I am amazed at how much technology has improved. Just imagine owners of businesses are now able to have in their employ people from all across the world. They are able to oversee their employees even if they are thousands of miles away from each other by means of e-mail, video chat, instant messaging and […]

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