Bought a New Digital Camera

Last Mother’s Day, I decided to buy myself a new digital camera. I really wanted to have one since my old digicam has a broken LCD. My husband and I went thru the displays just to make sure I will get the best but affordable digicam. There were cheap cameras at 3,000 plus pesos but […]

Digital Camera

In the wish list I posted, I have mentioned that I wanted to have a pink digital camera. Well, I am not really specific on the model and brand but I really would want a digital camera and camcorder in one. I also love getting short video clips of my children and some of our […]

Why You Want Noise Reduction Headphones

I wanted to take a moment to share with you why noise reduction headphones are better than the more widely known active noise cancellation headphones. Most people think of active noise cancelation headphones like the Bose headphones when they think of headphones that block sound. All active noise cancelation work the same way. They have […]