Need Financial Help

After I resigned from my work a few years ago, we have suffered a huge amount of financial problems. We were not able to live accordingly because my husband’s salary was so small. I used up my credit cards in buying groceries and other immediate needs until it maxed out. We were suffering financially. Until […]

Small Bank Account for Business

I own and manage a small business online in which I ran a blog hosting services. Though my profit is not that much, my monthly hosting from my own blogs becomes free from the payment of my hostees. Most of the time, I cover for the expenses due to different dates in which they are […]

PCI Compliance

Running an online store is not easy. Aside from the inventory of products, you must make sure your website is secure and the payment processor you are using to process your sales is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Why? Because many web stores that sells physical and digital goods have been hacked by people. If […]