Missing Postcrossing

My beloved hobby has to take the backseat when I got tied up with my new role as a corporate chic. But to be honest with myself, I really miss postcrossing and receiving postcards in my mail. It has been awhile since I have been to our local post office to mail some cards and […]

Shop For Guitars And Other Instruments For Less

It is quite apparent that a lot of people are considering to buy a  guitar or other instruments this summer. They are either decided to finally learn how to play an instrument and are buying for themselves or for their children who enrolled in music lessons for their summer activities. It is also rather timely […]

A Pink Soccer Trophy Perhaps?

I think youth soccer trophies must also come in pink, won't you agree? Since gone are the days when soccer is only played by little boys accompanied by their ever supportive soccer moms, and because more girls are also showing interest in this very physical sport, I guess it is high time they cater to both genders […]