Loving Japanese

Don’t you just love anything Japanese? Beautifully designed kimonos, romantic cherry blossoms, and delectable miso soup and other Japanese dishes? The list goes on and on and it makes me all the more excited to migrate with my entire family to the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan and its people are not only well […]

Christmas And Merrymaking

Christmas is truly right upon as with only a few days to go before the biggest holidays of all. Are all your presents wrapped up neatly in those fabulous pink Christmas wrappers? Have you ironed out the small details and all the last minute preparations that need to be done? Is your house ready for […]

Music Is Fabulous

I know most women will agree when I say that music is not only relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, especially when you feel stressed out or beat up from work or the concerns of day to day living, it is also sexy and fabulous at the same time. That is probably the reason why […]