A Pink Soccer Trophy Perhaps?

I think youth soccer trophies must also come in pink, won’t you agree? Since gone are the days when soccer is only played by little boys accompanied by their ever supportive soccer moms, and because more girls are also showing interest in this very physical sport, I guess it is high time they cater to both genders […]

Ideal Gift for a Music Talented Friend

I was invited to tag along by a friend to shop summer clothes for her daughter weeks past.  Since I had a free time, I went along to discover what are the type of summer clothes her daughter want to have.  Her daughter is thirteen years old but wanted to be a fashionista when she […]

A DJ At Your Party

Throwing parties have never been the same since the dawn of party themes and colorful, fabulous party favors. Not to mention all those creative and elaborate costumes that both celebrants and guests actually enjoy. Even fun parlor games are no longer exclusive to children’s parties, adult gatherings are slowly picking up and now grown ups […]