What Are Your Vices?

Life can be easy, it can also be difficult. People are affected by different circumstances and choose to face them different ways. Some just let them pass by and look forward to a new tomorrow with hope, others cry and drown themselves to self-pity. Others, still, hold on to vices that give them momentary relief. […]

Addicted to Dramas

Since September of last year, I started watching Korean and Japanese dramas. After watching a few, I got hooked on it. I ended up watching one after another without a break. And if ever I took a break, it would only be a day or less than 24 hours and there I am back again. […]

Nostalgic About Being in a School Band

Do you remember the time when you joined the school band? I have many fond memories, and have even kept photos of me with my band mates. Playing music in school parades were special, and we got to wear our makeup, too. So it’s hard to believe that it’s my turn to take photos of […]