Great News

I was busy reading about electronic cigarette news when my email notifier came on screen. So I immediately opened my inbox to see what the email is all about and to my surprise, it was great news! I was paid again by Adgitize for being a publisher and advertiser for the month of November. I […]

The Secret to Earn from Affiliate Programs

Last month, I tried joining an internet affiliate program. So far, their products are appealing to me and so I placed their banners at some of my related blogs. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of displaying banners, I still didn’t get any income from them. With this experience, joining affiliate programs is not that profitable if […]

Business Franchise

Having your own business is always the best thing to do if you want to make more out of your financial life. Some find it easy to do while others finds it hard and some just inherited their businesses from their own families. For those who want to start a business immediately, getting a business […]