Music Is Fabulous

I know most women will agree when I say that music is not only relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, especially when you feel stressed out or beat up from work or the concerns of day to day living, it is also sexy and fabulous at the same time. That is probably the reason why […]

How About A Pink Guitar?

You must know about my passion for everything pink. I have almost everything in pink, yes including my laptop and my fingernails. That is why I do not think it will surprise you if I mention that I have been toying with the idea of buying a pink guitar for a while now. No, I […]

A DJ At Your Party

Throwing parties have never been the same since the dawn of party themes and colorful, fabulous party favors. Not to mention all those creative and elaborate costumes that both celebrants and guests actually enjoy. Even fun parlor games are no longer exclusive to children’s parties, adult gatherings are slowly picking up and now grown ups […]