Keeping my Kids Safe

Considering that the winter season is officially here in the Philippines and it’s been raining every now and then, I was planning of getting my kids a winter jacket so they don’t get wet when they go to school. Most especially at this time when finances are very tight and I don’t want them to […]

Cowboy Party

My son will be turning 9 years old this coming November. He constantly asks about his birthday if he will have a party at school just like what he had last time when he turned 7 years old. Now, I am planning to have one, maybe a cowboy theme. I will just buy him a […]

Minimizing Air Pollution

What are you doing to minimize air pollution? If we do not do something about it, ultimately the health of the people we love will suffer. Take smoking, for example. Most of the smokers do not think of the people around him/her that the second hand smoke is even worse than the smoke that got […]