Summer Plans

Summer is already here! Do you have plans where to spend it? Well, for me, I haven’t had anything in mind yet. My husband and I haven’t talked where to go and besides we have no long vacations to spend it with. So, if we decide to go, probably it would be some weekend getaways! […]

Ashamed with My Scars

Basically, every woman wants to look good and feel good. And I am one of those undoubtedly! But since I have many visible dark scars on my legs, I couldn’t wear the dress I felt like wearing. I felt ashamed of my scars and somehow hoped that I could afford a microdermabrasion treatment. So I […]

Wanted to Learn

One of my dreams is to learn how to drive. I want to experience driving around the city streets. Maybe ran some errands and send children to school or just drive them around. And since we are planning to migrate, I know driving skills is also essential when you are working or living abroad. Well, […]