Fill Your Mind

I love reading books. Not pocket books but those that has topics involving self help ideas, business and Christian living. These are the type of books I read because I rarely have the time to talk with my friends anymore. Since I got busy from my old work before and got relocated to another city, […]

Fascinated by Health Related Topics

Aside from blogging about pink and food, I am really fascinated about health related topics. I like talking about weight loss, discuss about sickness, Cures for Ailments and alternative medicines to known to men. I am not a health expert by profession but I love to learn many things that relates to the well-being of […]

Employment Musings

Seeking employment nowadays is definitely a hard endeavor. Many companies are doing a lot of retrenching of employees just to cope up with the economic struggles. I have seen a lot of studio contestants of famous noon time shows that was lain off from work. They joined these contests trying to win some few bucks […]