Every Detail Matters

When you are building your dream house, every detail matters. Well, at least, that is what I observed from my friend who had her house built recently. She chose the paint colors, the tiles and of course, all the furniture and accessories. Everything has to contribute towards the look and feel she wanted her house […]

Is Private Education Worth the Money?

In an ever competitive world, many parents are investing more and more in their children. One obvious way of doing this is by sending them to private school. However, fees are very high and so it is a large financial commitment for any family. Some studies have shown that on average, the money put in […]

Pretty In Pink

Well, it's no secret what my favorite color is! It could be yours too, since you have found your way to my supremely pink website. What does pink mean to you? What does it make you think about? Roses and carnation, blush and berries, love and romance are all things associated with this color. Depending […]