Proudest Parent I Am

I am just one of the many proud parents today, my daughter just graduated from her elementary years and I am the happiest seeing her march on stage. I have already chosen and given gifts for her graduation and they may not be that expensive but I know it has made her happy. Although she […]

More Durable Name Cards

You will never really know you needed a calling card until someone asks you for one. What could be embarrassing than having to borrow a pen and a small sheet of paper to write your name and number on? Plastic cards are most ideal when you are planning to have your name or calling card […]

2012 Travel: Where Would It Be?

I love to travel — and what kind of person doesn’t? I am hoping that this year, our family would be able to board on a plane again for a getaway just like what we did last year. Looking at airline sites really make me wish we could book a flight again, but I have […]