Pink Hello Kitty Bag

Friday is here again! Welcome to our 216th Pink Fridays post! I talked about my youngest daughter’s favorite pink lunch bag last time. Now, I am introducing to you the pink Hello Kitty bag I bought for her last month. She liked the bag alright but she complained that it was too small. Unlike her […]

Pink Tablets

Hello! It’s Friday again. Welcome to our 215th Pink Fridays post! My aunt from the US arrived yesterday and you know that your allergies are already infamous with the entire clan is when you get antihistamine tablets as “pasalubong.” I really love my pink tablets pasalubong because it’s very practical for me and I appreciate […]

Pink and Purple Bangles

Working in different time zones make me forget what day it is. But because of Pink Fridays, I need to check the calendar every now and then to remind me of the day. I need to be aware as days passes swiftly. Anyhow, I welcome you all to our 214th Pink Fridays post! Today, I […]

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