PF # 205: Another Pink Mobile Phone

I featured a Pink Mobile Phone a few weeks ago and this time, I am featuring another one. Still from the same company, Cherry Mobile. This one is twice the amount of the mobile phone I featured last week. I guess because of the TV feature. How about you? Share your pinkness this week!

PF # 204: Pastel Colored Building Blocks with a Pink Bag

To those who joined PINK FRIDAYS last week, thank you so very much!! I am so happy that you continue to patronize our weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) meme for the love of PINK! And now for my entry… my daughters and I went shopping at Unitop yesterday. We bought blouses, t-shirts, bras and Bella’s toy found […]

PF # 203: Pink Digital Camera

Friday is here! Hurray! And guess what?! I can’t wait to show-off my new digital camera! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a new PINK digital camera!! This is my treat to myself. I wanted a DSLR but since I don’t have the money and it is so bulky, I consoled myself with this PINK […]

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