PF # 119: Pink Paper Bag with Goodies!

A few weeks back, a friend of mine sent me a private message that she has pack of Vitamin E for me. She said she’s going to give it to me when we will have the opportunity to meet. Then we did. To my surprise, she handed me a ping paper bag with a lots […]

PF # 118: Pink Handbag

Yes! It’s a miracle!! I am early!! I am not late. I am not absent. I am so awesomely early! Thank you!! ^_^ For my entry this week, I am featuring the new pink handbag I received from a friend in Switzerland. Tita Mommy JJ gave this to me through her daughter and my sweet […]

PF # 117: Pink Toddler Shoes

Sorry for not having PINK FRIDAYS last week. I have been very busy and totally forgot about it. When I remembered, it was Sunday already. Bummer! This happens when you lack sleep and can’t determine days anymore. 🙁 Anyway, here are my entries this week. A few weeks ago, my dear Bella Grace went shoe […]

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