Pink Travel Trolley

When I was working, I was obliged to travel every month to report to our head office for a meeting. Since I am a lady, I always travel with extra clothes because there might be occasions that would call for it. 😉 Anyway, I had a blue trolley that I always bring with me but […]

Pink Sony Headphones!

When I was searching the internet for my “Pink Fridays” entry post, I was able to stumble upon these pink Sony headphones! I wanted to post it next Friday but since they are utterly cute and supah pink, I decided to post it today. Guess what, these cute pink headphones only costs around $10.99 at […]

Pink Turkey for Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you a great long weekend ahead of you. Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Anyway, here is something for you to enjoy for dinner – a pink turkey!! I hope someone has the guts to cook this cute turkey. LOL!!