Join the Pink Sisterhood!

I got this tag from Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery. Since it relates to this month’s celebration and my pink theme, I decided to join. Thanks to Mariuca for this wonderful tag!Here are some info on breast cancer that I think is important… So what are the symptoms of breast cancer? At first, you may notice no […]

My Pink Laptop Dream

I really wanted to buy a laptop of my own. So that when I need to travel, I wouldn’t have any problem with my blogging needs. So, I opted to look one that is affordable in the market. I am not planning to buy yet but it’s a dream that I want to happen as […]

Pink for October

I just recently bumped into a blog called Pink for October. The main objective of this blog is to create awareness for breast cancer and to raise funds for research. As a woman and a way of support, I decided to join and put up signs to help promote their cause. I am not wealthy […]

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