What is a Matryoshka?

Did you know that Babushka Dolls, aside from being considered a classic Russian gift, also denote a metaphorical meaning? These dolls which are also known as Russian nesting dolls are made of wood, often fashioned as a plump woman. This figure’s top separates from the bottom to reveal an exact same figure inside, although smaller. […]

Pink Fabulous Giveaways!!

I know you are all excited and eagerly waiting for the launching of Pink Fabulous Giveaway. So, this is it!! Starting today, you can get the chance to win all the pink fabulous prizes below: First Prize – Pink Bratty Bonita Laptop Bag Second Prize – Pink Mary Kay Blush On and Lipstick Third Prize […]

Pink GPS Nuvi

As you all know, since this blog started, I always feature pink items aside from doing the Pink Fridays meme. And since it been while since I posted something PINK, I opted to look for something uniquely pink to post… and I found this… Yup, this is a pink gps nuvi. A small gadget that […]