Pink Home Office

I wanted to have a home office of my own. So I guess it is not bad to have some pink home office furniture and interior designs at it right? Well, it is my dream to have one and someday I hope my husband and my children will respect that space. I need a space […]

Pink Groom

Most of my readers here are pink lovers, so I have a question for you. If you were to wed using pink as your theme, would you like to see your groom wearing a pink tuxedo? Not only the coat and tie but also the tuxedo pants, shoes and hat? To give you an idea […]

Pink Pearl Jewelry

I got to admit. I love pink and I like wearing jewelries too. Somehow, these two can become a deadly combination for fashion match-up! You will definitely look stunning. Anyway, I saw this pink pearl jewelry. I could help but fell in love with its design!