Pink Gloves: Breast Cancer Awareness

I am an avid follower of Peter Facinelli at Twitter. A few minutes ago, he tweeted about this video. It was said that if this video reaches one million views a huge donation will be made to breast cancer awareness campaigns. So please take time to view the video below so that we can help […]

Pink Nail Dryer

In my search for a pink item, I was hoping to find some pink hand dryers just in case it exists. But in my quest, I failed. I only found a pink nail dryer. This ultraviolet gel lamp is designed to dry nail faster preventing the nail polish from getting erased or deformed. Well, if […]

Pink Eyeglasses from Zenni

It’s not yet Pink Fridays but I am in the mood for posting another pink item. I have found the featured “pink” from the new arrivals of the ever famous site of the $8 prescription Zenni Glasses – a pink eyeglasses! Isn’t that cute??!! Anyway, while I was there, I busied myself browsing there holiday […]

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