The Benefits of a “go-to” Plan

Even with all of the technological advances designed to make life easier, there are times when the best-laid plans and well-designed schedules get interrupted or side-lined. It’s good to have a backup plan or a plan B as it’s often referred to that can ease the stress and semi-panic that can occur when things get […]

Be Safe Ladies

Crimes are rampant everywhere that it actually pays that you give utmost importance to your security and safety, especially if you are out in a public places like the mall, which can also be teeming not only with fabulous sale finds which you can share with your girlfriends, but also with bad people with bad […]

Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is almost here and this early I bet a lot of people out there are thinking of which best gift to give the most important women in their lives. I am sure that jewelries like pearl earrings, bracelets and mother necklaces are among the items they are choosing from. Other are probably thinking of giving […]

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