How to Get Over a Brutal Break-Up

A break-up can be really brutal. When you’re with someone for a specific amount of time, there’s a comfort, closeness and trust that forms. When that person is no longer in your life, it can rock you to your core and make you question what’s wrong with you. Instead of ripping yourself to shreds, it’s […]

The Benefits of a “go-to” Plan

Even with all of the technological advances designed to make life easier, there are times when the best-laid plans and well-designed schedules get interrupted or side-lined. It’s good to have a backup plan or a plan B as it’s often referred to that can ease the stress and semi-panic that can occur when things get […]

Be Safe Ladies

Crimes are rampant everywhere that it actually pays that you give utmost importance to your security and safety, especially if you are out in a public places like the mall, which can also be teeming not only with fabulous sale finds which you can share with your girlfriends, but also with bad people with bad […]