Baby Sitter in Pink Tuxedo

These are few of my characters at The Sims Freeplay. The girl is the child of one of my SIMS family but since her parents are away for work. I called the neighbor, one in the Pink Tuxedo to baby sit her. I find them cute together sitting on the couch. Both of them are […]

Sunny Days Strikes Again

Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoy those endless summer days, part and parcel of living in a tropical country like mine, but lately sunny days are quite scorching again that I wish I can go on a quick swim or a quick deep in the pool just to escape the heat. I wish our […]

Aiming For Healthy Drink

People who are used to eating in fastfoods are the same people who are getting sick. They may not feel sick but little by little, every time they eat in such eateries, more harmful and combined ingredients add to the demise of the immune system. If you have not watched the documentary, "Super Size Me," […]